Cryptocurrency Mining Power Distribution Unit (480V – 692A – 100KW)


The 100KW 480V ASIC Mining Panel is ideal for powering miners in facilities that have a 3 Phase 240V electrical service.


It is a 400A 240V 3 phase panel with built in 480V 150KVA step down trans- former. The panel is capable of delivering 100,000W of continuous power with its 20 built-in 30A 240V PDUs each with 4 C13 cables. A common application for this panel is to power 80 miners each using 1350W, or 120 miners each using 900W. A facility can support 1 AS10-48324800 per 200A of available electrical service. The AS10-48324800 connects directly to miner PSUs with the integrated C13 cables. If more machines are desired than there are available C13 cables, splitters may be used.


ASIC Mining Panels are compact PDU Systems with built-in C13 cables that plug directly into miners or power supplies. Their simple yet robust construction is designed to handle the heat and stress of continuous duty mining. This all-in-one solution eliminates the need for costly PDUs, receptacles and major electrical installations. Due to this, ASIC Mining Panels are the most cost effective solution for crypto mining at scale. Save on your infrastructure needs by ordering yours today!


100KW 480V ASIC Mining Panel




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